This is the beginning.  You’re ready to start making your dreams come true.  And you may be feeling just a bit overwhelmed.  That’s natural!  But remember, you are not alone.  In fact, you are surrounded by women in the independent sales force with experience and knowledge who want to guide and support you.  It’s about sharing with you…growing with you…and celebrating with you as you achieve milestones both big and small!

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Step 1  ~  Get Plugged In  ~ Attend Your Weekly Meeting

s-l22508090089You will be presented with your consultant logo pin at your first meeting.  Earn while you learn, bring 5+ guests to events during your first 2 weeks to earn your Heart Key Chain.  Please be sure to wear business attire (never pants)! 


Step 2  ~  Start Earning NOW!!

MoneyBagPrint this order form and use the current Look Book to make your first sales. Sell 15+ items to your first customers during your first 10 days to earn your money bag.



Step 3  ~  Review inventory options and initial ordering bonuses

Please have the Ready, Set, Sell brochure on hand as you watch the video.  There are time sensitive bonuses available just for you, as a new Consultant.

Ready, Set, Sell
(best viewed in 2 page format)

Initial Inventory Bonus Chart
Personal use Worksheet
Information for Your Husband



Step 4  ~  Find Your First Customers

PowerStartPlus (1)PowerStart (1)PerfectStartClick here or you may use your "Start Something Beautiful" magazine that comes in your starter kit.  Start booking right away, if your kit has not arrived yet – it won't be long now.  Click here for a great tracking sheet and scripts to help you get started.


Beginning with your first party or facial, when you…
Complete 15 facials in two-weeks = Perfect Start Charm
Complete 30 facials in one-month = Power Start Charm
Complete 30 facials AND 6 sharing appts in one-month = Power Start Plus Charm



Step 5  ~  Discover what's inside your starter kit


Review the "Start Something Beautiful" magazine and DVD.  Unpack all of your new products.  They are sanitary to use for yourself and for demonstration purposes except for the mascara, so start using them today and fall in love with the great products you now offer!

The Magazine is packed full of great tools and resources for you.  Log in to your InTouch, then click the link on the left to go directly to the supporting videos.

The DVD contains a complete skin care class — the before, during and after — everything you need to know to conduct a skin care party using the contents of your Starter Kit.

The skin care party also includes the seamless use of key digital tools that truly represent the skin care party in an updated, exciting and fun way.

Crafted in an instructional manner, using pop-ups and split screens to further explain tools, processes or tips.



Step 6  ~  Complete your first steps on Intouch

Complete your Signature Look by logging on to www.marykayintouch.com with your Consultant ID and creating a password.  Set up your Mary Kay Web Site for only $30.00 (that pays for your entire 1st year!) a $60 value!  Order your Business Card Kit, place cursor over “Ordering”, click on “MK Connections”, then click on “Business Marketing”  (be sure to include your web site address on your cards).  A $73 value for only $39.99.  Set up your ProPay Account so you are able to process debit/credit cards, place cursor over “Ordering”, click on “MK Connections”, then click on “ProPay”.  It is only $39.95 for the first year.



Step 7  ~  Start building your team and earning your pearls

0809473308094732It's simple and fun, all we do is choose women in your life that you love, tell them about our marketing plan, they ask questions, you hear me answer
and learn!  We will set up times in your first two weeks to have your first trainings on the marketing plan, and earn your Pearls of Sharing!  This is what you do:  Have her review the Opportunity information, submit a feedback form, then we set up a quick meeting or 3-way call to answer her
08094731questions.  Do this with as many as possible so you can learn how to share, whether she's interested or not. When you share, you can earn great prizes:

First 3 sharing appointments = Earrings
Complete 3 more = Bracelet
Add 1 team member in your first 30 days who places a $600+ whs. order = Necklace

393420_Earn-Your-Stripes-Tote-Bag***SPECIAL SHARING BONUS***
Become a Red Jacket (3+ active team members) in your first 30 days = Tote



Step 8  ~  Complete your New Consultant Online training

The company has free online training that you do at your own pace.  The new consultant section is where you will want to start.  Click here to get started.  Please let me know when completed.



Step 9  ~  Open a separate bank account

checkbook coverThis isn't a business checking but a FREE personal checking account from a bank like Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Chase that is separate from your personal accounts.  This will make tax time so much easier.  BE SURE TO GET A DEBIT CARD TO GO WITH THE ACCOUNT.  Deposit your first sales funds and place your initial inventory order to earn your checkbook cover.



Step 10  ~  Become color confident

shape_pic-10-208089877Earn your badge from the company to proudly display on your personal website, business cards, and facebook.  Earn your business card case as an extra bonus by completing 5 color appointments with your new customers.

Start Here Now 



Step 11  ~  Stay plugged in

Make plans to attend events and celebrations (yes, we love to have fun!).  The company has several events each year that you will want to plug into – they are always "over the top."  Please add my contact information to your contact list.  If you use social media, connect with the company as well as other consultants.  You will want to bookmark/favorite our website (it is designed to help you), please check back often – as we are continually adding new contests, ideas, recognition and tools for your ongoing support.  Please submit forms for any prizes that you earn, as we are always looking to celebrate your success!



Step 12  ~  Start great habits for success

08089880Be a GREAT time and money manager by using your Weekly Plan Sheet | Excel

and your online Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS).  This is also a very simple way to keep track of sales for your tax purposes – you'll love it!  Submit your weekly plan sheet and $1000+ in Retail Sales through WAS during your first 30 days to earn your Tablet Cover.



Step 13  ~  Communicate with me

My priorities are (1) my personal business, (2) new consultants, and (3) unit members who have big goals.  Communicating with me for your first 6 weeks is essential.  You are free to email, text and call my cell anytime.  NEVER feel like you're bothering me!  I LOVE hearing your good news, questions and concerns!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.38.01 AM

08089876Complete the "13 Steps" above, earn ALL 12 prizes to receive your bonus "13th" PRIZE. 

Your future is so bright, you definitely need shades!


Print Your Checklist

Please email your photo for recognition to our site manager, sherri@mksdesignss.com
Don't forget to include YOUR NAME and warriorsofword.com. Thanks!