Mary Kay Opportunity

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Magic Happens by Executive National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks

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The Mary Kay Opportunity
The Mary Kay opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme; it is not a scam, and it is certainly not a pyramid. It is a business that rewards the highly motivated and pays you what you’re worth.

Mary Kay’s philosophy was about enriching women’s lives. Mary Kay (our founder) is widely known as one of the most influential and successful people of all time. She started her business in 1963 with $5,000 and a dream in her heart to put together the perfect business opportunity for women where they were the boss and were able to work their own hours. She took God as her business partner and turned it into a multi-billion dollar company. Why did she do it? To enrich women’s lives, not to make profit. Mary Kay wanted to create a company where women would get paid what they were worth. I’m here to tell you that this business works. I started my business July of 2001 and I ‘m currently a National Sales director and enjoying a lifestyle that I never dreamed of living.


  1. Product Sales– We make 50% on everything we sell. Whether you have been in a day or 40 years, we all make the same amount on our product. We buy directly from the company. If you buy a $1.00 you sell it for $2.00. Holding skin care classes is one of the best ways to share this wonderful product. For instance, in a 2 hour class with 3-6 women you could sell anywhere from $200.00-$1,000.00 and you make half. If you could sell an extra $600.00 a week, that is an extra $1,200.00 a month in your pocket.
  2. Commissions– When you begin to share the product you will meet women that want to join your team. When you share this opportunity you are able to earn commissions which are paid to you by Mary Kay Corporate. The amount that you are paid is based on what your team produces. This may sound too good to be true, but it’s not!  Like I said, this business works if you do!  Need more proof? 
  3. Prizes- As if it couldn’t get any better, Mary Kay SHOWERS us in prizes!  They give away millions of dollars every year in diamonds alone, as well as luxurious vacations all around the world!  For 2007, Mary Kay is taking my husband and me on a two week trip to Austria!  We can’t wait!  And of course there’s the Pink Cadillac, my trophy on wheels!  But that’s okay if you don’t want to drive a pink car—Mary Kay will give up to a $900 a month cash compensation instead!  Other career cars offered by Mary Kay include the Chevy Cruze, Chevy Equinox, Toyota Camry, and the BMW.